Discover Innovative Pathways for the K-12 School Facilities & Safety Sector

Your exclusive opportunity to help shape the industry’s future

For K-12 leaders, every day presents a new opportunity to define their organization’s future. At RTM K-12 School Facilities & Safety Congresses, we create unique and unmatched opportunities for K-12 leaders and educators to converge, collaborate, and define the industry’s future.

A Congress for K-12 School Facilities & Safety leaders

Each of our K-12 School Facilities & Safety Congresses are strategically tailored to meet the specific needs and ongoing priorities of the K-12 sector’s leading practitioners and decision-makers. Providing an integral platform for the discovery of innovative tools, frameworks, and solutions to major industry challenges, our Congresses provide high-tide moments of connection and thought leadership.

Strategically curated networking opportunities

Congress attendees can strategically benefit from the power of genuine relationships forged in a curated environment. With access designed by invitation only, you can meet peers and future partners in an event structure that’s focused, refined, and mutually beneficial.

Enhanced delegate outcomes

We understand your time is precious. That’s why our Congresses are built to respect the limited time capacities of our delegates, delivering maximized outcomes within a contained event experience. Enjoy a curated event that ensures the time you invest delivers significant returns for your organization and your professional development.

The RTM Commitment

RTM is committed to delivering the highest quality of meaningful convergence experiences in each of our Congresses. Meeting your passion for the K-12 sector, we shape a platform that’s designed to empower your ability to lead, innovate, and define your organization’s future. Through the power of mutual learning, collaboration, and discovery, we work to deliver transformational outcomes for each of our delegates.

Each of our K-12 delegates and partners brings first-hand expertise and passion for the field to our events. This fuels a highly collaborative and attuned environment, further shaped by the nature of the personalized content within each Congress. Taking place within an application-only delegate format, your skills and insights will be matched by industry-leading peers who are also navigating the same industry changes as you are.

The result is a highly efficient environment where insightful discoveries, transformative networking and real-world outcomes lead the way for the future. By carefully curating each Congress, we’re able to achieve this within a contained and focused environment, delivering outcomes that may otherwise take years to realize.

Find the latest insights you need to fuel the next phase of your K-12 organization’s future-proofing strategies in our next RTM K-12 School Facilities & Safety Congress.

At RTM K-12, your success is our own. We strive to create environments that fuel your knowledge, expand your networks, and amplify your impact in the K-12 education sector.

RTM Blueprints

The RTM commitment to K-12 School Facilities & Safety’s ongoing innovation extends beyond our in-person Congresses. RTM Blueprints are exclusively available to past and present RTM K-12 School Facilities & Safety Congress attendees and qualified industry leaders, presenting the latest areas of industry innovation for your consideration.

Understanding, Embracing, and Integrating Artificial Intelligence

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: A Blueprint for All School District Leaders

This Blueprint focuses on making students feel represented, and creating a sense of belonging, as well as finding and implementing ethnic studies resources in curriculum and instruction.

Key testimonials


"Overall a great experience and networking experience." - William Perry, Orange County, NC


"I can’t stress the value of the knowledge you gain interacting not only with other senior members of school districts but also with vendors who provide critical services to our districts. Sometimes learning new ways to do something or acquire a service is immensely important for Districts that aren’t huge or don’t even know they are missing a critical services." - Robert Feinberg, Deer Creek School District


"This is absolutely the best conference I’ve ever attended. This is my second event since 2015. The balance between the presentations and round tables is great. It allows us to hear from those in our field who has seen success in specific areas and then the round tables for us to collaborate more freely to seek input from others in our field." - Michael Taylor, Pender County NC


"This is the best conference I have ever attended and provided an atmosphere and opportunities to make connections with other leaders in the field and to collaborate to solve current issues." - Ronnie Brickey, Adams 14 School District

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